Research Reviews

As part of its broader research efforts, the D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) is re-launching its Research Reviews. These Reviews serve as summaries of the most recent research studies in the veteran space in areas like employment, higher education, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and community support. Each Research Review will present findings, and key information from the publication in a condensed and accessible format including a link to the full document and author information. Every Review summarizes the study’s implications for practice, for policy, and for future research. The goal of the Reviews is to provide a snapshot of the research topic, methodology, and significant findings, making them valuable tools for researchers, policymakers, and professionals seeking to stay informed about the latest research developments.

The re-launch of the D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families Research Reviews marks an exciting milestone in the institute’s commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in the veteran space. With their condensed and accessible format, comprehensive coverage, additional resources, and implications for future research, the Reviews offer an invaluable tool for staying informed about the latest research developments.

Research Reviews are found on the IVMF website below as well as the IVMF’s  digital library.

Featured Review

A Novel Mind-Body Podcast Program for Military and Veteran Caregivers

Recent Research Reviews

Evaluating the KidCOPE for Children in Active Duty Military Families

Transgenerational Factors Associated With Military Service: Comparison of Children of Veterans and Nonveterans in a Nationally Representative Sample

Entrepreneurship Education and its Role in Transitional Entrepreneurship as Veterans Transition From Military to Civilian Life

Entrepreneurship Education and its Role in Transitional Entrepreneurship as Veterans Transition From Military to Civilian Life

Veteran Single Parents, Surviving but Not Thriving

Reculturation: A new perspective on military-civilian transition stress

The Challenges of Military Veterans in Their Transition to the Workplace: A Call for Integrating Basic and Applied Psychological Science

What Do Successful Military-to-Civilian Transitions Look Like? A Revised Framework and a New Conceptual Model for Assessing Veteran Well-Being

National Study of Sleep Health for Student Servicemembers/Veterans


Discrepancy Between Veteran Food Insecurity
and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Exploring the Advocacy Experiences of Military Families with Children Who Have Disabilities

Post-9/11 Deployment History and the Incidence of Breast Cancer Among Women Veterans

Veteran Cultural Competence Training: Initial Effectiveness and National-Level Implementation

Exploring Research Engagement and Priorities
of Transgender and Gender Diverse Veterans

A practical risk calculator for suicidal behavior among transitioning U.S. Army soldiers

Assessing the Impact of Military Cultural-Competence Training: Lessons for Creating an Inclusive Campus Environment

Supporting Servicemembers and Veterans During Their Transition to Civilian Life Using Certified Sponsors: A Three-Arm Randomized Controlled Trial

Military Sexual Assault, Post-Service Employment, and Transition Preparation among U.S. Military Veterans: New Directions for Research