Veterans show greater rates of entrepreneurship than the general population. Many military spouses and caregivers are also thriving business owners, yet little is understood about the unique factors that drive or inhibit their success. We study personal traits and experiences alongside access to various resources and training to help government, educators, and the private sector devise better policies, programs, and investments that advance business ownership among veterans and military families.

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The State of Veteran Entrepreneurship Research: What We Know and Next Steps

This paper reviews the current state of research on veteran entrepreneurship, identifies critical gaps, and offers recommendations for future research.

Operation Vetrepreneurship: Tracking Aspirations, Barriers, and New Ventures

As one of the largest qualitative research efforts on veteran entrepreneurship, this study explores the entrepreneurship experience of veterans and military connected persons in select cities across the United States and is designed to better understand the entrepreneurial motivations, challenges, barriers, successes, and resource needs of veterans and military-connected entrepreneurs.

Participate in Veteran Entrepreneurship Research Study: Needs and Challenges

The purpose of this research study is to collect information from veteran and military connected entrepreneurs about their entrepreneurship experience. More specifically, this study seeks to learn more about the challenges and needs of veteran and military connected entrepreneurs.

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Exploring Veteran Entrepreneurial Success Factors

This research initiative aims to explore entrepreneurial success factors for veterans and veteran-owned businesses, ultimately informing companies, recruiters, and policymakers of characteristics and traits of veterans that lead to success in business.

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