A National Veterans Strategy

This initiative develops a research-based case and call to action to develop a whole-of-government National Veterans Strategy that aligns public sector efforts, resources, and programs—in partnership with the private sector and communities—to better supporting veteran health and well-being.

The central premise of this 2013 report is that developing, articulating, and institutionalizing a National Veterans Strategy is both necessary to serve important social, economic and national security objectives, and consistent with the inherent social contract between American society and its veterans.

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Key Highlights

  • The current policy environment is fragmented, making it difficult to properly allocate limited resources and leverage the many private and non-profit sector efforts in support of veterans
  • The federal government’s tenuous, long-term fiscal trajectory is also forcing policymakers to confront difficult choices that may threaten future funding for benefits and services that impact veterans and their families
  • A national strategic planning process on veteran-related policies and programs can help overcome policy and structural barriers to public and private sector collaboration