Multimedia Designer

Kerry Manahan works at the IVMF as a Communications Designer, alongside the communications team to develop and produce print and digital marketing materials. She works on the IVMF’s portfolio of education, employment and research programs, promotional and branding materials, advertisements, and various publications, ensuring that the IVMF’s communications meet high-quality graphic identity standards.

Manahan uses her high-end video production skills to direct and edit “What’s Brewing” – a monthly talk show spotlighting the latest programs and events happening at the IVMF. She also produces motion graphics for these and other IVMF videos, contributing to the overall communications and marketing strategy at the IVMF.

Manahan has over 15 years of both marketing and design experience. Prior to joining the IVMF team, she previously worked as a designer for ProLiteracy and Eric Mower and Associates, both in Syracuse, New York. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Utica College.