Operations Research Specialist yhsu10@syr.edu

Yu-En Hsu joined the IVMF as an Operations Research Specialist in November 2021 to provide technical expertise in program evaluation. With a focus on data quality, she collaborates with experts across the institute to standardize collection strategy and strengthen data integrity.

Outside of the institute, Hsu volunteers at the Sex, Gender, and COVID-19 Project at Global Health 50/50 to collect disaggregated data and occasionally shares her predictive model projects on Towards Data Science.

Prior joining IVMF, she was a Data Scientist at Ciba Health and lead the design of machine learning workflow and predictive models, assisting providers to tailor patient care.

Hsu graduated from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University with a master’s degree in public administration (MPA) in 2020. As an Ajello Fellow, she created an open data repository of electric grid in Vietnam. Hsu also worked as a research intern at Open Data Watch, reviewing the disaggregation of SDG indicators and contributing to the Bridging the Gaps publication.