Transitioning from military to civilian life presents unique and oftentimes-unforeseen challenges. To make things easier and provide structure, a few of the leading organizations in veteran career development have combined forces to create one efficient, easy place to start.

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About VetNet

VetNet is a free, convenient online-based webinar program geared to educate and advocate for veterans and military families through business training, networking, career connections, workshops and resource tools that veterans need to know. We focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to drive a meaningful community for engagement. Popular topics include job search techniques, marketing, project management, accounting, research, personal branding, and many more!

Service members entering the civilian workforce often need assistance with their transition, but the number of organizations offering help can be overwhelming. The VetNet resource includes innovative networking tools, career training, job opportunities, and entrepreneurship classes—all offered online and at absolutely no cost to participants.

No matter where veterans and their family members are in their post-service career, the VetNet community has access to resources, tools, and instruction to help find the career resources right for them. Let’s connect today!

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