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May 9, 2012

IVMF announces veterans’ employment toolkit, new partnership at Robin Hood Veterans Summit

IVMF announces veterans’ employment toolkit, new partnership at Robin Hood Veterans Summit

Collaboration furthers institute’s commitment to leading practices, resources in support of veteran and military family employment

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF), which is invested in better understanding leading practices and gathering resources in support of the employment of veterans and their families, on May 7 participated in the Robin Hood Veterans Summit aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City. The summit was a day of discussion and learning focused on the most effective and promising practices available to help this nation’s veterans transition to productive civilian lives.

rhIVMF executive director and founder Mike Haynie was a featured speaker at the event and shared an overview of the institute’s forthcoming Leading Practices Report (which will be available in print and as an e-book). The resources will also be included in the IVMF’s Employment Toolkit, which will be available online. In addition, Haynie also announced a new partnership between McKinsey & Co., Robin Hood and the IVMF. Through this partnership, the three organizations will work together to expand both the scope and reach of the institute’s employer-focused work in a way that brings associated training and resources to employers in New York City, and across the United States.

Over the past four years, unemployment data consistently suggests that the employment situation of recent veterans compares unfavorably to non-veterans, raising questions regarding the explanation for this disparity and how can it be addressed in a way that benefits veterans, communities and the nation’s employers. The IVMF’s Leading Practices Report and Employment Toolkit have been designed to provide employers both context and insight into the idiosyncratic issues and challenges impacting the employment situation of veterans, and also open the door to leveraging leading practices of civilian employers in a way that supports the adoption of a strategic and efficient approach to hiring military veterans.

Among the employment resources already released by the IVMF are Research Briefs on employment-focused topics, monthly and annual Employment Situation of Veterans reports and The Business Case for Hiring a Veteran: Beyond the Cliches, recently cited by the White House’s Joining Forces initiative. The IVMF Employment Toolkit will incorporate these and other resources.

“We have positioned these resources to facilitate the implementation of state of the art human resource practices and processes supporting veteran-employment initiatives,” says Haynie.  “Employment for veterans is a crucial issue for our nation. Over the past 10 years, more than 2.8 million service members have made the transition to civilian life; another 1.5 million will make the transition over the next five years. For a great majority of these men and women, their most pressing concern is employment. Moving forward, the IVMF will continue to build a robust and dynamic set of employer-focused resources, which can be shared among those firms pursing veteran-focused employment initiatives. In the end, this collaborative effort will benefit not only veterans, their families and employers, but ultimately all Americans.”

The IVMF is committed to veteran and military family employment issues and continually works with a network of collaborators and partners, including government and non-governmental stakeholders. In November 2011, the institute convened a Best Practices Employment Summit, with more than 30 companies in attendance, aboard the Intrepid. The institute also works with the 100,000 Jobs Mission, a partnership among large companies to commit to collectively hire 100,000 military members leaving active duty service and other veterans by the end of 2020.

IVMF Managing Director James Schmeling says, “Employment and supports are incredibly important public policy issues and require new and focused public-private partnerships to meet the needs of our nation’s employers and the veterans who will enter their workforces. The societal costs of not engaging returning veterans in employment and reintegrating them into meaningful civilian roles dictate focused attention by government, veteran serving organizations, educational institutions, veterans and their families. We are committed to engaging stakeholders and providing our thought leadership to address the issues.”

Current veteran employment resources, and others that will be released, can be accessed through the IVMF web portal,

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