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June 18, 2013

V-WISE grads to partake in Biz Accelerator Program

V-WISE grads to partake in Biz Accelerator Program

Five graduates of the Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) programs hosted in Chicago, San Diego, Jacksonville and Baltimore have been selected as Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corps (WVEC) Awardees to participate in the ‘Count Me In’ Business Accelerator Program. Designed and hosted by People Biz, Inc., the program uses a combination of group coaching and training in business education, expert support and peer accountability to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The 9-month program will assist these business owners to reach annual gross revenues of $250,000+ within 18-36 months. Congratulations to Mary Gillam (V-WISE Chicago 2013), Kristina Guerrero (V-WISE San Diego 2012), Jackie Lopez (V-WISE Jacksonville 2013), Nisha Money (V-WISE Jacksonville 2013, EBV UConn 2012) and Gail Schnell (V-WISE Baltimore 2011) for being selected into this exceptional program. The WVEC was founded by Nell Merlino, who also serves as an instructor for the IVMF V-WISE program. Additionally, IVMF’s director of education programs, Tina Kapral, sits on the WVEC steering committee.

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