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January 14, 2014

V-WISE Long Beach Conference Empowers Female Veteran and Military Spouse Business Leaders

V-WISE Long Beach Conference Empowers Female Veteran and Military Spouse Business Leaders

Made possible through the support of Citi Foundation and the U.S. Small Business Administration

The ninth iteration of the Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) program is set to empower female veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs to realize their business dreams this weekend in Long Beach, CA, January 17-19.  A seasoned group of business leaders, educators and resource providers will converge in Long Beach to teach over 130 female veterans and military spouses what it takes to lead in today’s economy through a series of inspiring talks and breakout sessions focused on topics ranging from relationship-centered leadership to business law.


The speaker line-up includes, Larry Broughton, Co-founder and CEO, BROUGHTON Advisory; Neale Godfrey, Founder and CEO, Children’s Financial Network Inc.; Jessica Eaves-Mathews, Founder, Leverage a Lawyer and Founder & CEO of Grace & Game, and Nell Merlino, Founder and President, Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence.

The conference is hosted by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF). Founded by Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, with the support of the U.S. Small Business Administration, V-WISE provides cutting-edge entrepreneurship training to women veterans from any branch/era of military service, active duty military (including National Guard and Reserve) and female spouses/partners of active duty personnel and veterans looking to start a business venture. The program empowers participants to find their passion and learn business skills to turn their ideas or existing businesses into growth ventures. V-WISE integrates the leadership, integrity, focus and drive of the nation’s female veterans through premier educational training with accomplished entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship educators from across the country.

Currently, women represent about 15 percent of active duty military, 20 percent of the Reserves, 16 percent of the National Guard and 20 percent of new recruits. More than 11 percent of U.S. forces serving in Afghanistan are women. States with the largest number of women veterans are California, Texas, Florida, Virginia and Georgia. V-WISE has impacted more than 1,000 female veterans and military spouses in over 40 states and across all service branches and eras, with more than 56 percent of V-WISE graduates starting or growing a venture after attending the V-WISE conference.

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