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November 14, 2014

High Tech Careers, High Demand for Vets

High Tech Careers, High Demand for Vets

Written by: Ryan Rabac

RyanWhen reading over G.I. Jobs’ Top 20 Hot Jobs for Veterans in 2014 , some of the job titles might surprise you. IT Specialist, Business Administrator, and Telecommunications Technician are among the top positions demanded by employers hiring veterans. agrees, noting IT Specialist as one of its Five Hot Jobs for Ex-Military Personnel. That is why the iSchool of Syracuse University has partnered with the IVMF and the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)  to offer high-tech graduate management degrees and certificates designed with veterans in mind.

The iSchool offers Masters degree programs in Information Management, Information Management for Executives, and Telecommunications and Network Management. Thanks to its quality curriculum and unique flexibility, the school has earned a #1 ranking in online graduate degree programs in computer information technology for veterans by U.S. News and World Report.

The flexibility of iSchool degree programs allow students to take classes in person or fully online with a week-long residency. Student veterans are also allowed up to seven years to complete their program of study, making it much easier to keep up with work and family life.

There are also several Certificates of Advanced Study (CAS) designed to enhance specific professional skills in areas such as Cultural Heritage Preservation, Data Science, e-Government Management and Leadership, Information Security Management, Information Systems and Telecommunications, and School Media. Students who pursue a certificate program can also decide to use these graduate level credits towards a Masters degree down the road.

These programs represent Syracuse University’s goal to be the best place for veterans to pursue higher education, to bridge the gap between the military and civilians, to enable veterans to accelerate their education, increase flexibility and allow stackable certificates and degrees, and in some cases allow some military training to count toward course requirements or waive prerequisites. The considerations are designed to enhance the experience of our student veterans, but they are not intended to isolate from our rich educational community.

Those who join us on campus will take all fully-integrated classes with veterans, active-duty military members and non-veteran civilians. Students with a variety of backgrounds enhance the learning environment for everyone and the experience student veterans bring with them to class is invaluable.

Resources like the Student Veterans of America chapter, Veterans Resource Center, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, and a variety of other student clubs round out the experience for student veterans who choose to join us on campus. The iSchool’s dedicated Employer Relations & Career Services Team also serves as a critical resource to connect students to potential employers.

Veterans are encouraged to find out more about all degree programs at Syracuse University, including our other featured degree programs for veterans: the accelerated 14-month Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Executive Master of Public Administration, the Masters in Entrepreneurship, the Master of Engineering Management, and the Masters in Sports Venue and Event Management. By always improving the educational experience for student veterans, we are continuing to honor a commitment made by Syracuse University over 70 years ago.

Ryan Rabac is a Graduate Assistant at IVMF currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. He holds a B.S. in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Social Science (May 2014) from Florida State University. 


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