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March 18, 2015

A New Call to Service with International Depth

A New Call to Service with International Depth

Written by: Ryan Rabac

Are you looking to understand the complex balance of international relations in today’s global landscape? Maybe you want to learn how to use the best tools to navigate social problems or political conflicts, solve them, and even teach others about them one day. At the top-ranked Syracuse University Maxwell School, there is a degree that combines all of these areas in a unique interdisciplinary approach, honing in on international studies, the foundations of society, war and security. All of this can be accomplished on your own schedule. 

The Master of Social Science (M.S.Sc.) program often attracts business leaders, diplomats, teachers, and military personnel alike because of its connection to top faculty and immersion in several academic disciplines from a global perspective. Syracuse University chose the M.S.Sc. as a highlighted degree for veterans because we believe these focus areas match up with the interests of many returning veterans who feel a continued call to serve in civilian life.

This is a distance-learning program with only two visits to New York. It can be completed in any length of time between 18 months and 7 years from anywhere in the world. This flexibility often makes a big difference for veterans returning home to care for families and careers, those currently serving in the military, or military family members. This is why Syracuse University has chosen it as a highlighted degree for veterans, military connected students, and military families.

Flexible Distance Learning with Residency

The Master of Social Science program at the Maxwell School offers this format, the same type of hybrid instruction found in the online MBA@Syracuse. minnowbrookTwo two-week residencies on campus at Syracuse University add critical value to the distance learning curriculum. Students tend to be mid-career professionals who join the program from around the world. This diversity adds great value to the virtual classroom and in person.

The first residency in July always includes a weekend seminar in Syracuse University’s beautiful Minnowbrook Conference Center in the Adirondacks. The second residency can be broken up into two one-week parts if needed. This creates a perfect balance for a student unable to relocate for school but still looking for valuable, concentrated networking and face-time with both faculty and accomplished alumni.


curriculumWhat does a Master of Social Science degree entail? That is up to you. The curriculum is designed to draw lessons from across time periods and cultures around the world. Students choose three focus areas out of: Europe, U.S. History, Developing Nations, International Relations, and War and Society. For the final project or thesis, M.S.Sc. students will choose a topic in just one focus area to dig deeper and specialize in. This is an intellectual, research-intensive program that will prepare future college professors and international nonprofit managers alike.

The program is 30 credits in total, and up to 6 credits can be transferred from another institution. Faculty members for this program are all senior professors in Political Science, History, Anthropology, and other disciplines at the top-ranked Maxwell School.

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An application to the Master of Social Science program requires a Bachelors degree, resume, personal statement, recommendations, and test scores. Be sure to list military experience in your application. Students wishing to begin in the fall need to apply by February 1st and those wishing to begin in the spring must apply by August 15th the prior year.

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