Institute for Veterans and Military Families’ V-WISE Program Included in Collectors’ Edition Card Deck

The Institute for Veteran and Military Families’ (IVMF) Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-Wise) program has been included on the queen of hearts in the new 2019 Bicycle Collector’s Post 9/11 Deck of 52. This limited-edition deck of playing cards created by Bicycle Playing Cards and Marjorie Eastman, author of The Frontline Generation, highlights 52 interesting and successful post 9/11 businesses and charities launched by the military community. It is a spin-off of the iconic 2003 Most Wanted Iraqi Playing Cards.

The “Bicycle® Frontline Leaders Collector’s Playing Cards” are the first of its’ kind compilation, demonstrating how the post 9/11 military community is making an impact across industries. Organizations on the cards represent every branch of service, family member organizations and Gold Star Families. The businesses and charities included exhibit the grit, determination, passion, compassion, innovation, and leadership of military service members and veterans.

“We are honored to be among the group of passionate leaders and supporters in the Post 9/11 Deck of 52,” says Misty Stutsman, director of entrepreneurship and small business at the IVMF. “This deck is a powerful example of the military community coming together to support one another.”

A program of the IVMF ARSENAL of eight entrepreneurship programs and three resources, V-WISE equips and empowers women veterans and female military spouses and partners to find their passion and become successful entrepreneurs. V-Wise is holding its 21st and 22nd programs in 2019 with conferences in Atlanta in May and Buffalo in November.

The deck was launched with a celebratory event in Nashville, Tennessee at the veteran-owned Mission Barbeque restaurant. Post 9/11 card decks will be sent oversees to deployed troops and a portion of the proceeds from the card sales will be donated to charities featured in the deck.

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