Employing Military Spouses Series

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF), as part of its broader employment research efforts, and with the generous financial support and collaboration of Prudential Financial, Inc., is exploring the topic of military spouse employment. This three part series of hands-on products is geared towards to human resource professionals, hiring managers, C-Suite executives, philanthropists, and nonprofit leaders interested in hiring military spouses. This three-part suite of research products will include:

  • Business Case: an overview of military spouse demographics and the business case to hire them
  • Profiles: case studies of military spouses that demonstrate some of the common employment difficulties they encounter
  • Training Materials: for human resource professionals who wish to learn more about recruiting and hiring military spouses

Paper 1: The Force Behind the Force: A Business Case for Leveraging Military Spouse Employment

prudential_paper1_7-21-16_coverIn the first report of this series, we review the available research on military spouse employment and outline a business case for hiring military spouse employees. This case builds off of our previous research and Business Case for Hiring a Veteran.

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Paper 2: The Force Behind the Force: Case Profiles of Successful Military Spouses Balancing Employment, Service, and Family


The second report of this series highlights eight successful military spouses currently employed in the corporate workforce. Through the detailed conversations, the reader begins to understand the employment challenges military spouses face, how these challenges impact their work histories and resumes, and how standard methods of finding and getting a job eliminate many military spouses even before they have had the opportunity to compete.

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Brief: The Force Behind the Force: Training, Leveraging, and Communicating about Military Spouses as Employees


This product, a training slide deck designed for hiring managers and human resource professionals is the third in a series of products that illustrates the unique strengths and challenges that military spouses bring to the workforce while supporting their service member’s military career. This training tool, designed to be used with the other two products in the series, offers a “hand-on” way for those interested in hiring military spouses to gain key insights and ways to train, leverage talent, and communicate when employing military spouses.

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