Fast Facts: IVMF By The Numbers

To date, more than 170,000+ transitioning service members, veterans and military family members, were served by IVMF programs. In 2007, when we launched our very first program – before the IVMF was even founded – that number was 17.

Those numbers matter because they speak to our mission, and the commitment of our people, our funders, our partners, and our world-class advisory board to take action to advance and positively impact the post-service lives of this nation’s veterans and their families.


  • Roughly 250,000 service members and their families are transitioning from the military each year making the need to focus on post-service lives even more critical
  • Almost half of transitioned service members said getting socialized to civilian culture was a top challenge after leaving service
  • Nearly 75% of transitioned service members indicated employment-related considerations are central to decisions concerning transition
  • 55% of service members do not want to pursue careers similar to their military careers
  • Nearly 60% of veterans say access to care and navigating services are among their top challenges.


  • Nearly 50 major external funders, including founding partner JPMorgan Chase & Co., as well as Schultz Family Foundation, The Walmart Foundation, First Data, USAA, Prudential, Accenture
  • Almost 100 professional staff across the country
  • Operating 14 national programs in 9 countries
  • Key Public Sector Partners: Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Labor (DoL), U.S. Military Branches Small Business Administration (SBA), and many state and local partners


  • Delivering national programs empowering transitioning service members, veterans and their families to thrive post-service
  • Delivering no-cost career and entrepreneurship training
  • Working with communities to enhance service-delivery for veterans and their families by creating and implementing collaborative models designed to meet the unique needs of each community
  • Producing actionable, applied research, analytics and evaluation, that delivers insights and contributes to national policy discussions focused on empowering veterans and their families
  • Leveraging Syracuse University’s historic commitment to serving veterans and their families
  • Supported by a world-class advisory board and public and private partners

Research, Measurement, and Evaluation

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Research products since 2011
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Conferences, convenings & Capitol Hill appearances since 2017
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Media and academic citations since 2019
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in sponsored award dollars in 2021



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graduates to date


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graduates to date

Boots to Business

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$ 0 M
Arsenal graduates reported a total annual average of revenue over $480 million.
EBV graduates that started or continued to grow their business in 2021
EBV graduates that are still in business today
V-WISE graduates that started or continued to grow their business in 2021
V-WISE graduates that are still in business today

Community Services


Expanded from one coordinated care center in 2013 to 18 in 2022 with over 1,000 providers. 

Employers Coalitions

Supporting 2 Coalitions representing 100+ employers with 170 members recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans and military spouses in addition to the Veteran Jobs Mission.

Community of Practice

450+ engagements of 25+ communities, inclusive of thousands of providers sharing insights and best practices to improve care and services for veterans and military families.

veterans, service members, and their families reached
0 +
requests for services coordinated

Onward to Opportunity

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transitioning service members, veterans and spouses impacted with career training
0 +
professional certifications leading to in-demand careers
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employee partners


Coalition of Veteran-Owned Business (CVOB)

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corporate partners
0 +
VOBs provided with supplier opportunities
0 +
VOBs engaged with

Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship (COE)

Fiserv, Founding Partner

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resource partners in directory


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alumni connections in 2021
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VETNET webinars since 2021
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resource partners

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