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Numbers Matter

To date, more than 150,000 transitioning service members, veterans and military family members, were served by IVMF programs. In 2007, when we launched our very first program – before the IVMF was even founded – that number was 17.

Those numbers matter because they speak to our mission, and the commitment of our people, our funders, our partners, and our world-class advisory board to take action to advance and positively impact the post-service lives of this nation’s veterans and their families.


  • Roughly 250,000 service members and their families are transitioning from the military each year making the need to focus on post-service lives even more critical
  • Almost half of transitioned service members said getting socialized to civilian culture was a top challenge after leaving service
  • Nearly 75% of transitioned service members indicated employment-related considerations are central to decisions concerning transition
  • 55% of service members do not want to pursue careers similar to their military careers
  • Nearly 60% of veterans say access to care and navigating services are among their top challenges.


  • Nearly 40 major external funders, including founding partner JPMorgan Chase & Co., as well as Schultz Family Foundation, The Walmart Foundation, First Data, USAA, Prudential, Accenture
  • Almost 100 professional staff across the country
  • Operating in 46 states, 2 U.S. territories and 7 countries
  • Key partnerships: Dod, VA, Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation, the SBA, and many state and local partners


IVMF national programs empower transitioning service members and veterans to enhance their post-service lives–and the lives of their families–by delivering no-cost career, vocational and entrepreneurship training. In addition, the IVMF’s work is fundamentally changing the way in which communities collaborate to match the needs of veterans and their families to available resources, services, and care. Through applied research, measurement, evaluation and data solutions, the research and evaluation team informs IVMF programs, delivers insights, guides future direction, and empowers action across the veteran and military family community. Like all of us, the IVMF has a compelling obligation to assist veterans and their families realize their full potential as individuals and members of their communities.


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Over 600 media and academic citations since 2012
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Over450 research products since 2012
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Conferences, Convenings & Capital Hill Appearances since 2018
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61% average annual growth YoY since 2018


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79% of EBV graduates have started or continued to grow their own business.
92% of those are still in business today
$ 0 M
Arsenal Grads reported an annual average of $480M revenue


Community-Employers Coalitions

2 Coalitions representing 100+ employers with 170 members recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans and military spouses.

Community of Practice

400+ engagements of 20+ communities, inclusive of thousands of providers sharing insights and best practices to improve care and services for veterans and military families


Expanded from one coordinated care center in 2013 to 17 in 2020

Over 38,000 veterans, service members and their families reached.
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Over 90,000 service requests filled by nearly 1,000 providers.
5 years of serving.
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Over 20,000 veterans and spouses impacted with career prep training.
Nearly 1,000 employer partners.
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50+ professional certifications leading to in-demand careers
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Over 3,000 V-WISE graduates to date.
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Over 20 V-WISE programs across the country.
65% of V-WISE graduates have started or grown their businesses
93% of those are still in operation today
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship two-day courses are held at over 35 military installations (CONUS/OCONUS) in seven countries.
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Over 70,000 Boots to business Participants
Center of excellence for veteran entrepreneurship (COE)
25,000 resources in our database tagged by geography and type of resource

Participated in 50+ events in 16 states and one international event, reaching 50,000+ participants including 500+ veteran-owned businesses with 23 corporate CVOB partners.

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Veteran Owned Business
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VETNET Webinars
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Resource Partners
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Alumni Connection

Cody Brack, 2018 Onward to Opportunity Graduate

Cody Brack is a former Marine Corps Sergeant, now working as a Cyber Network Operator after completion of his Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) training. Cody is one of hundreds of Onward to Opportunity participants who have taken advantage of one of our cyber learning pathways, allowing him to transition out of the military into a civilian job that maximizes his military-conferred skills and provides a competitive salary.

“Onward to Opportunity gives you the knowledge and skills to find a well-fitting job that pays what you deserve.”
– Cody Brack


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