National Survey of Military-Affiliated Entrepreneurs

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With support from the Kauffman Foundation, the IVMF has launched a multi-year study of veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs. This initiative is designed to address critical gaps in our understanding of veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs and the supporting mechanisms needed to assist throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Who: we are looking for military-affiliated individuals who have started a business, currently own/operate a business, or are interested in entrepreneurship.

Who is military affiliated? We use military affiliated to capture various populations:

        • veteran, transitioning service members, active duty service members, guard, reservist
        • active duty military spouses, spouses of veteran, spouses of guard and reservist
        • as well as other family member related to military-affiliated individuals


Why: We want to develop the largest national public dataset that includes insights into critical knowledge gaps regarding military-affiliated entrepreneurs in order to learn how best to assist them throughout their entrepreneurial journey. The goal of the survey is to inform public, private, and nonprofit practitioners (SBA, VOBS, Financial Institutions, PTACs, corporations interested in collaborating with veteran owned businesses, etc.), policy makers, and the academic community about the unique characteristics and needs of military-affiliated entrepreneurs.


What: A multi-year, annual and longitudinal study of military-affiliated individuals.

Key topics: individual and military characteristics; aspirational and business-related metrics; attitudes towards entrepreneurship; connectivity of resources, networks, mentorship, and information; local economic and policy factors; and family and wellness.


Over the last several weeks, the world as we know it changed. We are still unaware of the effects—both long and short-term—this pandemic may have on the economy and on small businesses across the country. We have added an additional section of questions regarding how business owners are adjusting to the uncertainty that the global pandemic has brought into our lives. We understand that you are all busier than ever as you attempt to navigate this new environment.  IVMF Research & Analytics wants to be clear that we insist you prioritize your family and your business. However, if you are able to take the time to add your feedback to this important effort, we would greatly appreciate your time and look forward to learning how we can better serve you.

To learn more about this study, please download this one-pager IVMF national survey of military affiliate entrepreneurs

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