Website Content Specialist | Communications

Neil Connors joined the IVMF in July 2018 as the website content specialist ensuring the IVMF and its related sites are up-to-date with engaging content so visitors are given the most relevant information. This includes planning, sourcing, and delivering clear, useful content to be published and formatted properly on the sites for today’s best practices in the competitive online space, and certifying each site follows the ADA guidelines for accessibility. Neil has years of experience working on the backend of websites improving SEO performance, structural redesign, and adjusting future content from previous analytical reports.

Prior to IVMF, Neil worked for Bentley-Hall, Inc. as the Digital Marketing Manager. He was charged with maintaining clients’ website content, list management, social media, and digital advertising campaigns. His work ranged from supporting local small businesses to international clients.

Neil graduated from Syracuse University with a major in English Textual Studies and a minor in Information Studies and Technologies.