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Onward to Opportunity

“O2O is providing me with a stepping stone to take that next step out of the military into the civilian career workplace. The program has helped me to possess the training, added credentials, and confidence I need.”- Jonathan Ricafrente, U.S. Army, O2O graduate, Joint Base Lewis-McChord Information Technology Track


About Onward to Opportunity

The Onward to Opportunity (O2O) program – a public-private partnership between the Schultz Family Foundation and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, in collaboration with the United States Department of Defense – has the potential to fundamentally shift how the private sector engages and supports our service members and their families as they navigate the challenging transition to civilian employment.

O2O brings civilian career training to eligible service members up to six months prior to their transition date and any active duty military spouse, regardless of where their partner is in their military career.



  • Service members (Any Active Component service member within 6 months of separation)
  • Veterans with post-9/11 service
  • Any member of the Selected Reserve (i.e. National Guard / Reserves) with at least 180 days in service
  • Any spouse of a currently serving service member (active duty or selective reserve) and post-9/11 veterans

What You’ll Find

  • Industry-validated curriculum
  • Enrollment Services
  • Strong partnerships
  • Training in three high-demand professional tracks
  • Job Preparation
  • Certification Exam Assistance
  • Interview Matching
  • Job placement
  • Comprehensive Career coaching

Learning Pathways

  • Business Management
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Information Technology

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What Our Grads Have to Say About O2O

Louis Kapaun, US Marine Corps

“Onward to Opportunity is the program that the Transition Readiness Seminar should be. The people involved in the program not only know what they’re doing and how to help, but they also care and have been there themselves. I would recommend it to any service member transitioning that wants to take control of their career and transition the right way.”

Folami Fitzgerald, U.S. Marine Corps Spouse

“I feel very blessed to be among the first graduates of the O2O program. I can’t thank the IVMF at Syracuse University and the Schultz Family Foundation enough. This opportunity to learn a practical skill, earn a certification to accompany my real-world job experience, while connecting with employers who are actively seeking us…is incredible. O2O makes me want to be a success story in the financial sector because the program is amazing and deserves as much.”

Robertson “Lee” Moreland, U.S. Army

“My first reaction to O2O was that it was too good to be true but O2O is opening doors for me. As a graduate, with industry credentials in hand, I have expanded my technical capabilities and am now in a better position to lead and impact in the business environment, just like I have in the military. I am proud to be amongst the first cohort of graduates, blazing the trail for future participants.”