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Our Mission + Vision

10 Years of ImpactA future where all individuals and families who serve in defense of our nation are empowered to thrive. Learn more about IVMF.

Career Training

The dedication and discipline of military service make you an ideal candidate for many employers. Leverage all that IVMF’s Onward to Opportunity (O2O) career training has to offer to make that next chapter a reality. Discover your new career path with O2O and you’ll be on the road to civilian success.


IVMF Entrepreneurship programs can help you in every phase of the life of your business. From ideation to start-up to growth, you’ll find the coursework and resources to jump-start your business here.

Community Services

IVMF’s AmericaServes community-based service program can deliver the services and support that you need to get on your feet and hit the ground running. Find out how AmericaServes can help you when you need it most.

Research & Analytics

IVMF is a national leader in providing the research and data that can help our veterans, active military and their families be successful in their post-service lives. Dig in and use our research and data to better serve those who have served.


Every great journey starts by taking the first step. Use our website to research potential paths and then connect with our admissions team and you’re on your way. If you need advice and help along the way, we’re here for you.

Higher Education

Syracuse is designated as the 2021 Military Times #3 Private School for Veterans. With Yellow Ribbon, Post 9/11 GI Bill students can receive additional funding so that 100% of their required tuition and fees will be covered. Learn more about Syracuse University.

Mission Posts

12.22.21 | Employment

“Hire” Education: Strengthening the Connections Between Employers and Student Veterans

Over 650,000 veterans are pursuing higher education often with one primary goal in mind: finding employment afterwards. But there is often a disconnect between higher education and employers looking to hire student veterans. While veterans say that f... Read More ▶


IVMF’s Onward to Opportunity Program Makes’s Top 9 List for Best Job Programs for Veterans Separating in 2022

IVMF's Onward to Opportunity Program Makes's Top 9 List for Best Job Programs for Veterans Separating in 2022... Read More ▶


Native Americans in the Military: From Service to Civilian Life

Throughout American history, Native veterans have answered the call to serve in the Armed Services. Highly regarded within their tribal community for their dedication and commitment to serve in the Armed Services, Native American veterans represent 5... Read More ▶

Onward to opportunity graduate Leshelle Moore.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

Military Installation: Fort Carson
Sec+ Graduate
Systems Administrator, Northrop Grumman, Since September 2018

LeShelle Moore-Domesca

Specialist, US Army