Support Veteran-Owned Business on National Holidays – October 2020

Celebrate national holiadys with veteran and military connected businessEvery month the Institute for Veterans and Military Families likes to highlight the wide variety of veteran-owned businesses by recommending a few businesses on their respective national holiday. Celebrate a fun holiday and support a local business that also is veteran-owned all at once! Browse through the below list and don’t forget to come back every month to see the next list!

October National Days List

World Vegetarian Day

National Hair Day

October 4

Taco Day

October 10

World Mental Health Day

 October 14

Dessert Day

October 27

National American Beer Day

 October 29

National Cat Day

October 31


Let’s celebrate together! Check back for next month’s list! To shop with veteran and military spouse- owned businesses check IVMF’s Buy Veteran and Military Spouse Shopping Guide.

*Interested in joining the CVOB and being placed on one of our National Holiday lists? Learn more about joining HERE*

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