IVMF and American Legion Partner on Inaugural Women on the Rise Conference for Female Veterans

On August 24th The American Legion, in partnership with the Institute of Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF), hosted Women on the Rise, an all-day entrepreneurship training program for female veterans and military spouses... Read More ▶


Camping Out and Teaming Up: Building Powerful Insights with SAS

Until recently, the IVMF at SU would have been in the majority, collecting, yes, but not using data to its full potential. The IVMF’s primary focus has been on serving our military connected population through programs and applied research. This st... Read More ▶


Several IVMF Employees Reflect on 9/11

Seventeen years. Almost two decades later, but September 11th still feels like just yesterday to most Americans. Maureen Casey, IVMF chief operating officer, was in New York City on that day. “People chose to enlist because of the events that day,... Read More ▶


Labor Day: Paying Tribute to American Workers

The United States of America has been celebrating Labor Day for over 130 years. It’s a day to recognize and honor the achievements of Americans who work tirelessly every day to contribute to the needs of society.... Read More ▶


An Open Letter From A Military Caregiver

This open letter from a military caregiver is a deep and powerful insight into the mind of someone who lives every day to help others but is often overlooked.... Read More ▶


Team Red, White & Blue: Helping Veterans Reintegrate to Civilian Life with Community Networks

Currently, only 61% of veterans who served in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom enrolled in VA care which aims to support veterans with their health needs, including the tough mental stress of transition in civilian life. Many veterans experience... Read More ▶


15th Annual Harold Lee Open is Happening August 29th – Register Now

After his father passed away, Jim, his brother Tim, and their friends Marty Lamon, Tom Farneti, and Tom Mossotti held the first Harold Lee Open in 2003 in Harold's honor. The tournament has sold out every year since its inception and this tournament ... Read More ▶


Veteran Entrepreneurship – What You Should Know

Military service and small business ownership share a distinctive relationship, dating back more than a half century. Veterans remain more likely to own a business than nonveterans and often tend to out-earn nonveteran entrepreneurs... Read More ▶


Financial Readiness – What Does This Mean?

A Blog by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) Research Team: Deborah A. Bradbard, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate Rosalinda Vasquez Maury, M.S., Director of Applied Research and Analytics Nicholas Armstrong, Ph.D., Senior Direct... Read More ▶


Independence Day: A Message from Maureen Casey

By Maureen Casey, IVMF Chief Operating Officer As we approach the 4th of July holiday, many of us are planning to mark this historic day with picnics, concerts, fireworks and/or other displays of patriotism…all fitting ways to recognize the signin... Read More ▶