Understanding New York State Veteran Needs During COVID-19

On August 14th, 2020, Dr. J. Michael Haynie, Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, spoke before the New York State Joint Public Hearing to discuss the New York State veteran needs d... Read More ▶


Vice Chancellor Dr. Michael Haynie Testifies Before New York State Legislature on COVID-19 Implications for Veterans

J. Michael Haynie, vice chancellor for strategic initiatives and innovation and executive director of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF), testified before the New York State Legislature on Friday, Aug. 14, during a hearing on t... Read More ▶


Alange Castelly: Transportation Operations Manager at the United States Air Force Academy

Not knowing when the right time is to focus on your transition instead of your military obligations is one of the many struggles for many transitioning service members. One of the requirements of the Onward to Opportunity program is a document that r... Read More ▶


Support Veteran-Owned Business on National Holidays – June 2020

What’s better than a celebration? Celebrating a veteran or military spouse owned business! From Flag Day to Space Day, military-connected businesses are making an impact in a variety of industries! The IVMF’s Coalition for Veteran Owned Business ... Read More ▶


Veteran Business Owners Give Back During This Trying Time

During the uncertain and scary times we are living in right now, it's nice to see veterans and businesses do what they can to help the community. Below are only a couple of stories we wanted to highlight to show that in this time of crisis, now more ... Read More ▶


Institute for Veterans and Military Families’ V-WISE Program Included in Collectors’ Edition Card Deck

The Institute for Veteran and Military Families’ (IVMF) Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-Wise) program has been included on the queen of hearts in the new 2019 Bicycle Collector’s Post 9/11 Deck of 52. This limited-edition... Read More ▶


Changes Are Coming to The Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Process

There are changes being made to the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process, with one of the primary changes being the privatization that aims to allow service members and their families more control over their moves. ... Read More ▶


Watch IVMF Founder Dr. Mike Haynie Speak on The Hill TV Regarding AmericaServes Helping Veterans Transition From Military to Civilian Life

IVMF Founder and Executive Director Dr. Mike Haynie was a guest on The Hill to speak about the AmericaServes organization and the importance of helping military veterans and families navigate the enormous universe of resources available to them. ... Read More ▶


Support Veteran-Owned Businesses for Black Friday!

Stuffed with turkey and ready to spend some money, we know how important Black Friday shopping is to everyone. There are plenty of deals out there to take advantage of but the IVMF wants to highlight just a few of our veteran-owned businesses from ou... Read More ▶


The Military Moves Personal Possessions Better Than it Does Its Service Members. But That’s Changing.

The IVMF's Managing Director of Programs and Services, Jim McDonough, explains how the IVMF and AmericaServes are breaking ground in supporting veterans by providing services they require. ... Read More ▶