Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship (COE)

Center of excellence for veteran entrepreneurship (COE)The mission of the Center of Excellence (COE) for Veteran Entrepreneurship is to create, collect, organize, and share knowledge, resources, and networks to advance entrepreneurial opportunities for transitioning service members, veterans, and their families. This is accomplished through the development and delivery of innovative programs and educational resources; timely and relevant research and policy analysis; and by cultivating veteran-connected ecosystems across the United States.

Our Priorities

  • Research & Policy

    • Evaluate and assess research and policy
    • Organize current knowledge in the field of veteran entrepreneurship
    • Create and drive new and necessary research
    • Advocate using data to influence strategies and policies that will have a positive impact on business creation and growth for transitioning service members, veterans, and their families
    • Cultivate networks – evaluate current networks and take steps to close gaps and/or establish new networks
  • Education & Training

    • Design, develop, and deliver innovative programs
    • Create a clearinghouse for veteran-connected small business curriculum
    • Identify and disseminate best practices
    • Develop standards for veteran-connected small business programming and curriculum
    • Provide supportive services for stakeholders within the ecosystem – VOBs, employers, veteran entrepreneurship educators and others
  • Collaboration and Partnership

    • Serve as the bridge to connect all stakeholders and networks
    • Build and maintain strategic partnerships
    • Create and connect supply chain opportunities
    • Mentor VOBs and other stakeholders
    • Establish consortium of educators and small business leaders


Collaboration & Partnership

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  • Alumni Association

    • Post Program Support -IVMF’s Post Program Support helps EBV and V-WISE Program graduates start and grow their businesses. The Post Program Support brings together professors, entrepreneurs, other individuals and companies who are willing to share their expertise in the different facets of business and entrepreneurship. It also includes free access to a LInkedIn Premium account.
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