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WestCare Foundation is proud to serve as the West Coast’s first America Serves Coordination Center to better serve and equip Washington State’s active duty, veterans, and their families in an 8-county region.

WestCare Foundation is proudly celebrating its fourth decade of providing a wide spectrum of health and human services and employing evidenced-based best practices in therapeutic environments. Its continuum of services includes substance abuse and addiction treatment, homeless and family services, domestic violence treatment and prevention, mental health and employment programs.

WestCare has over 125 programs, and a staff of 1,300 qualified professionals, operating from nearly 100 facility locations. WestCare is currently in 16 states, 3 U.S. territories and 2 Republics. Our mission is to empower everyone with who we come into contact to engage in a process of healing, growth, and change benefiting themselves, their families, and coworkers.

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WAServes Team

Below are members of the WAServes team who help serve the veterans, service members and their families in Washington.

Donald Lachman

Special Projects Manager

Donald Lachman is a native of Seattle and longtime husky before attending the University of Washington.  As a Viet Nam Era Veteran Donald proudly served in the Army Medical Service Corp after graduating from the Combat Medic Course and Clinical Specialist School.

In March 2018 Donald retired from the Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs and accepted a like position with the WestCare Foundation as Special Projects Coordinator, Pacific Northwest.  Responsibilities include facilitating partnership enhancements benefiting WAServe Coordinated Case Management and Veterans Connection Café. Serve in leadership roles in Medicaid transformation under Healthier Here, Conncet2Communiity

andrea talmadgeANDREA TALMADGE
Data & Demographics

Andrea Talmadge is the Regional Coordinator for WAServes, a program that serves active-duty members, veterans, and their families by coordinating care services across Washington state and “Uplifting the Human Spirit”. As the Regional Coordinator for WAServes Andrea supports the growth and connection of public, private, and non-profit organizational collaboration and continues to develop and enhance the engagement process in the delivery of services in the veteran community. As a WestCare employee, Andrea’s mission has been to serve and uplift the human Spirit.  Some may say that “Uplifting the human spirit” is a lofty statement for any organization to promote as their objective, especially given the challenging world we live in today. Quality health and human services for individuals, families and communities in need are a priceless resource. With over four decades of experience, WestCare has the necessary expertise to be that resource to the communities we serve.  WestCare is a non-profit organization that provides a wide spectrum of health and human services in both residential and outpatient environments. Before coming to WestCare in 2017, Andrea has previously served as a Representative with the Internal Revenue Service, an Accredited Veterans Service Officer for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and a Veterans Benefits Specialist and Program Specialist with the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs. As a military brat raised and meshed in the military culture, Andrea has over 20 years of diverse experience and brings a strong dedication and passion to aiding military members, veterans, and their families.

mike schindlerMIKE SCHINDLER
Operation Military Family Cares / Strategic Partnerships & Training
Mike Schindler, US Navy veteran, is a recognized expert on veteran issues, government processes, and leadership development. Known as a “strategic visionary,” Mike has over 20 years of hands-on/boots-on-ground project management, coaching, and executive experience working in and with the military, start-ups, federal and state agencies, non-profits, universities, and Fortune 500 companies. Mike’s passion is to train and equip leaders in a way that will improve morale and profits. Mike is the Founder and CEO of Operation Military Family Cares – a veteran services and consulting 501c3 not-for-profit that focuses on providing pathways to success for our military and veteran families as well as on improving Department of Defense transition processes.

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